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The money we are raising right now is going to be used to purchase an Axenika Water Filtration Unit. The unit is capable of providing 150 gallons of clean water every hour, 24 hours a day. The community most in need right now is called Kukpaligu. The community is located in the Northern region of Ghana.  It is our mission to raise enough money get a unit in place at the begining of 2018.

Kukpaligu is predominantly a farming community located in the Mion District of the Northern Region-Ghana. It has a total population of about two thousand (2000) people. It is also surrounded by other farming communities who share certain facilities including source of drinking water in common.

One of the major challenges that the people of Kukpaligu and its surrounding villages faces is lack of portable drinking water. The community has only two functional bore-holes. The pressure on these bore-holes normally results to frequent “break-down” of the boreholes, hence the use of the dam water as an alternative. Though the dam water is not safe for drinking, people would have no other choice than to compete with animals for the dam water.

The Health, Economic and Social implications of lack of safe drinking water cannot be over emphasized. For instance, there are rampant cases of diarrhea in the community. It also slows down economic activities since much time is spent in search for safe drinking water. School children normally go to school late and also use this unsafe water in schools. This has an adverse effect on education. Lastly, parents would have to spend money which could have been used for other activities on treating water related diseases; hence increase in poverty rate in the said communities.

It is based on the above factors that the people of Kukpaligu need a source of safe drinking water. Planting a Water Filtering System in the community dam will therefore go a long way to alleviate the sufferings of the people since it will serve over three thousand people in and around Kukpaligu. It will also eliminate if not, minimize the rate of water related disease infections in the area, hence empowering the people economically.

So, Where does the money go?

We have partnered up with 2 Amazing Non-profit organizations making an impact around the world.  The money will be used to purchase water filtration units that are capable of pumping 150 Gallons of clean water every hour, 24 hours a day.  Let us end the year strong.

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